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The Mega Bonsmara Group consists of the following members:

Streicher and Hella Coetzee

P O Box 9914, Eros, Windhoek
Tel: +264 81 129 8387 / +264 62 518 079
Email: omantumba@iway.na

Hochfeldstreek-Bonsmaras was started in June 1976 by Harald Metzger when he purchased the first cows from Badeveen stud`s Dr Badenhorst. Since then, the only breed on Farm Omantumba has been Bonsmara. Over the past 34 years the stud has had great success with bulls from Bristow Bonsmara, AG de Villers and Bokkie van der Merwe as well as their own blood lines in later years. Their slogan is "breeding is our passion" and genetic material is acquired in both Namibia and South Africa. Bulls and cows are specifically matched to breed the best characteristics and they regard measuring over and above what is required as the means to excel. Their breeding philosophy is amended according to what industry demands. However, they are steadfast in their belief that having balance is of utmost importance. This is something that they base all their decisions on because if you start farming against nature, nature will start farming against you. Their Mega Auction offering consists of a number of specialist bulls as well as registered and commercial animals. They look forward to seeing you there!

Erni and Regine de Fries

P O Box 69, Omaruru
Tel: +264 64 570 806
Email: ernidefries@iway.na

H. W. Arnold started the Ondoka Bonsmara stud on 14 Augustus 1973. During the past 38 years it has become known for its quality breeding material and genes. Apart from the stud`s own growth in numbers, purchases were also made from Charles Boshoff and Herklaas Nel, who was a neighbour of Professor Jan Bonsma, the man known as the father of the Bonsmara breed. From the start the Ondoka Bonsmara stud have strived to breed with the most adaptable cattle breed. The animals they farm with have excellent breeding material in terms of growth ability and meat quality. They find great pleasure in breeding and farming Bonsmaras.

Edward and Mari Hansen

P O Box 50127, Bachbrecht
Tel: +264 81 124 1657 / +264 61 238 131 / +264 61 272 369
Email: electact@mweb.com.na

EMOK Bonsmara stud regard themselves to be on the forefront of stud breeding in Namibia. Weighing and measuring, functional efficiency and BLUP breeding values are already part of the framework of their extensive farming area. At the moment they are focusing on developing biological efficiency and financial benefits. Strict selection criteria remain the highest priority on Farm Maitland, something that has earned them great credibility amongst fellow farmers and breeders. EMOK Bonsmara stud invests greatly in acquiring the best genetics available. Not only do they follow the Bonsmara performance testing system, they add further value with improved carcass characteristics and quality. They are in the process of taking the commercial farmer`s stud breeding process to a whole new dimension - the proof is in the veld.

Rolf and Karin Heiser

P O Box 24162, Windhoek
Tel: +264 61 220 722 / +264 62 549 073 / +264 81 124 5940
Email: heiser@namibnet.com

At the 1975 Windhoek Agricultural Show the South African Bonsmara Association presented a slide show in a tent. The presentation was watched with great interest as they explained the `to measure is to know` philosophy and that 30 female animals was needed in order to qualify as a stud breeder. They had to purchase a new stud bull that year and Ronnie Davies suggested that a Bonsmara bull will be an excellent choice. Directly after the show, Mr. Janovski and John Lichti went to their farm and selected the first 120 Shorthorn/Afrikaner basic animals. From that moment on they were Bonsmara breeders. Bulls were then acquired from Ronnie Davies from Meyerton, Dr Badenhorst and W. A. Schultz. In 1980 Rolf took over the reigns from his parents after they invested 15 years in te stud. Today, after a further 20 years of breeding Bonsmara cattle, the Heida-Zucht stud is one of the oldest in Namibia.

Etienne and Janie Jooste

P O Box 342, Gobabis
Tel: +264 81 371 1599 / +264 62 561 420
Email: cordovabonsmara@gmail.com

The Cordova Bonsmara stud was established in 2008 through the collective passion of father and son team, Frans and Etienne Jooste. Although young in terms of years, the stud has been built up using only the best genetics from unrelated bloodlines in Namibia and mostly South Africa. This can be seen every calving season as the best of AG de Villers, Serfie Bonsmara and Bristow Molopo is brought to life. Their breeding philosophy is centred on superior genetics, optimal adaptability and accurate recording. This truly is a family tree worth following.

Christian and Vera Schüllenbach

P O Box 28, Witvlei
Tel: +264 811278700 / +264 62 570307
Email: schulle@iway.na

The Christiadore stud was founded in 1976 with 30 basic animals bred from an Afrikaner and Devon cross. They moved towards the Bonsmara breed on recommendation after they could not find adequate bulls for their stud. Their greatest pleasure over the past years have been to see how the animals have improved through constant measuring, but also how they have performed during times of drought with a short supply of grass and feed. The latter once again confirmed their choice for the Bonsmara breed as droughts will occur in future and this breed can surely withstand it.

Jörg Sigwart and Robbi Dauberschmidt

G Sigwart
P O Box 107, Okahandja
Tel: +264 62 501 719
Email: gms@iafrica.com.na

R Dauberschmidt
P O Box 328, Okahandja
Tel: +264 518 323 / +264 81 252 6388
Email: okamaja@iway.na

Okamaja Bonsmara stud was established 31 years ago with the selection of 80 cows and heifers. The original herd consisted of Hereford, Holsteiner and Afrikaner crossbreeds. By using the best possible Bonsmara bulls from Namibia and South Africa, and applying strict phenotypical and efficiency guidelines during selection of male and female animals, Okamaja Bonsmara has become a trusted stud. The stud has been doing performance tests since 1974 and annual selections are executed according to Bonsmara breed standards. Cattle graze in the Sandveld, which is not known for its nutritious grass. However, these circumstances ensure that hardened veld bulls are bred that are capable of adapting to any area.

Jörg and Marina von Dewitz

P O Box 95, Okahandja
Tel: +264 62 549 026 / +264 81 279 6625
Email: jorg@mweb.com.na

The Stokkies Bonsmara stud was established by Jörg`s father Klaus in 1976 on farm Spes Bona in the Hochfeld area. The first bulls were purchsed from Dr Badenhorst and the first heifers from the W. A. Schultz Stud in South Africa. In the early days bulls from Bristo Bonsmaras and Arthur de Villiers was also used in the stud. The stud was taken over by Jörg and Marina in the year 2000. Today they boast a herd of approximately 120 female stud animals and have since acquired a number of different stud bulls in South Africa and Namibia. Included in this group are the bulls Redgate 99-141, WAT 03-166, WAT 02-178, HA 99-176, HJB 02-108, WOH 03-113 and HBD 05-97 of which offspring have already been offered at auction.

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Contact person / convenor: Jörg von Dewitz | Tel: +264 81 279 6625 | Email: jorg@mweb.com.na 

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